This is now in my bedroom but it's not mine, even thought I can play really really basic things. Maybe someday I'll post a video of me playing (bad x.x).
 This is an origami that I made a while back (it's quite lopsided though :( ), it's a butterfly in case you're wondering jk jk
 Okay, despite hating my bedroom view, I love the sky on this side
I took this two videos an hour ago, the second one was shot just 15 minutes after, just take a look at the difference!
Music: Alter Ego by Tame Imapala

Music: It's not meant to be by Tame Impala

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  1. Lovely Blogpost! ;)
    Yaaai, soon I'll go to the Tuning World Bodensee 2012, will you also be there?? :)
    Have a nice Day! xx


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