Yesterday I decided to order some things online, I've never done that, so let's see how it goes. I received some money for Christmas so I chose to spend some of it on Asos, Forever 21 and Motel Rocks.

Boots - ASOS | Jeans - Motel Rocks | Overall Dress - Forever 21

The first thing I ordered was the Juju Miller Gliter Lace up Boots, basically they are transparent boots with small speckles from ASOS. If you follow me you probably have seen that I made a post talking about that, even though the ones I showed were form ebay and less expensive.
I also ordered an overall dress from Forever 21, it's faux leather with adjustable straps and rusty gold hardware.
The last thing was from Motel Rocks. I was browsing trough the sale's section and I found these really cool striped jeans.

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