These are just some pieces I bought in the last two months. They're from Primark, H&M, Bershka and ZARA. And finally all of my orders arrived! I genuinely think I did some good shopping and got my Christmas' money worth.
Tell me in the comments which item is your favourite!

1 - 10 €. I've been wanting an electric blue shirt for a while, and finally found it at Primark for a really good price.
2 - ~35€. The same goes for this white jacket, although for Primark prices it was a bit on the expensive side. This is an awesome piece, it can instantly make your outfit a little more dressed up.
3 - 7 €. I still have not worn this dress. I find it a bit to long for me (as I am quite short), but with a belt almost everything can be sorted out (or of course I can get it hemmed)
4 - ~10€. I don't know if you have noticed, but the flower pattern is back in style, well it has always been. However, with a specific type, daisies!
5 - 10€. I could not leave the store without this backpack. It's so different and cute. It has two small front pockets and one on the inside.
6 - 13€. I fell instantly in love with these shoes. A friend of mine has ones in gold, they're awesome. But well, I found the cheaper version!

7 - 20€ on sale. Surprisingly the only black coat I had was my leather jacket from Stradivarius. This one has some leather in the shoulder and back area.
8 - 13€ on sale. Again daisies! (at least I think they are). It's not that noticeable, but the pattern goes from tiny daisies to huge daisies.
9 - 23€ on sale. I really love coats ok? This belongs to my wardrobe!

10 - 20 £ (~25 €) on sale. My beloved Joni jeans arrived! They feel sooooo great! I haven't washed them yet, because I'm afraid the colour is going to be washed-out.
Forever 21:
11 - ~18 €. Pleather dungarees. The skirt part is a bit to wide for me, I may get it tailored.
Motel Rocks:
12 - ~22 € on sale. I've worn them twice. They are a bit loose on the waist, they keep falling but nothing a belt can't solve
13 - 32 € on sale.Transparent boots! Yey! Great for rainy or muddy days! I actually ordered a size too large, and still have to send them back, but I already got the right ones.

Bershka: I could not miss this two denim items for 10 € each on sale!
14 - Blue and black denim shirt. At the front is black and in the back is blue. I have a pair of jeans which are the opposite. I have to see if they can match in a good way ahah.
15 - And finally this denim skirt I've been eyeing since the beginning...


  1. achas que ainda há o 7 o 8 á venda? amei

    1. O 7 não faço ideia, não havia muitos. Mas o 8 ainda deve haver, comprei na semana passada, e a todas as zaras que fui havia sempre essa camisa :)


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